Ahead of His First North American Show, 13 Fun Facts About Yung Lean


Ahead of His First North American Show, 13 Fun Facts About Yung Lean


Yung Lean, an internet sensation from Sweden, gets a lot of attention for being a sad boy. The 17 year old Stockholm native (born Jonathan Leandoer Håstad) finds himself at the forefront of the so-called “sad rap” movement that sees young, sensitive dudes rapping about capital F Feelings. Sure, Drake has done it bigger, and some might argue better, but how sad can a superstar really be?

Yung Lean, who raps alongside a crew that call themselves the Sad Boys (Yung Sherman and Yung Gud), has come a long way since his video for “Kyoto” racked up more than 2 million views on YouTube. Following the success of his European White Marble Tour, he’s about embark on his first North American jaunt, the Black Marble Tour, beginning tonight with a sold out show at Webster Hall in New York. And as legions of Yung Lean fans continue to dive head first into the “it’s cool to be emotional” club, no one seems to really know many concrete facts about who this guy is or where he came from.  In order to set the record straight for everyone on this elusive character, the following is a list of the few cold, hard Yung Lean facts we have at this point been able to confirm. 

– He’s from a wealthy part of central Stockholm, but also lived in Hanoi, Vietnam, for a year when he was about 14-15 years old. His father is a journalist/writer.

– He used to work at McDonald’s and was still working there whilst recording his debut mixtape, Unknown Death 2002, and releasing his first videos on YouTube.

– He was educated at the Södra Latins Gymnasium—a prestigious high school in Stockholm.

– His first experience of music that he remembers involved Cher and Black Sabbath.

 – He has a deep appreciation of Chicago footwork.

– Before becoming a rapper he used to make short clips of himself singing 50 Cent covers on piano. 

– His newest music video—directed by Marcus Söderlundfor the track “Yoshi City” dropped just over 2 weeks ago and already has more than 350,000 views.

– When he was younger, he became obsessed with The Catcher in the Rye and was at one point convinced it was written about him.

– He is a champion of Cottweiler and Shallowww, two of our favorite underground conceptual fashion labels, and frequently sports their clothing during his live performances.

 – His US management is now being overseen by Barron Machat of Hippos in Tanks, the cutting-edge, fledgling label based in Los Angeles that has also released a slew of records by artists like Autre Ne Veut, Arca, Laurel Halo, Dean Blunt, and James Ferraro

– His favorite films are The Aristocats (1970) and Get Rich or Die Tryin (2005).

– This is his tumblr.

– He used to sell white wine straight from his basement, and is seriously considering launching his own brand of Sadboys wine coolers.

North American Tour Dates

09.07.14 – USA – New York – Webster’s Hall Marlin Room (Manhattan) 10.07.14 – USA – New York – Palisades (Brooklyn) 11.07.14 – Canada – Ottawa – Bluesfest 12.07.14 – Canada – Montreal – Le Cabaret Underworld 13.07.14 – Canada – Toronto – Hoxton 14.07.14 – Canada – Toronto – Rockpile West 16.07.14 – Canada – Winnipeg – Union Sound Hall 17.07.14 – Canada – Calgary – Hi Fi 18.07.14 – Canada – Vancouver – Chapel Arts (early all ages) 18.07.14 – Canada – Vancouver – Fortune Sound Club 19.07.14 – USA – San Francisco – The Independent 20.07.14 – USA – Los Angeles – Ace Hotel (afternoon DJ set) 20.07.14 – USA – Los Angeles – The Troubadour 22.07.14 – USA – Chicago – Reggies 23.07.14 – USA – Raleigh – Kings Barcade

Special thanks to Emma Hatt for assistance with compiling this list.