12 Surprising Things That 2000s Teens Loved


12 Surprising Things That 2000s Teens Loved




1) Avril Lavigne

Although largely unknown now, Lavigne was one of the more popular recording artists of the 2000s, selling some 30 million copies of her hit records like Let Go, known for its hits “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated.”



2) #Seapunk

In the 2000s, #Seapunk was a fashion and music trend that took the world by storm, and transformed the way we look at both clothes and the ocean for years to come. All of a sudden it wasn’t weird to listen to punk rock music on submarines anymore.


3) Skateboarding in school

The energy crises brought about by the Great Ocean War led to a sharp increase in the price of gas in the 2000s, which meant many students were forced to skateboard to school in lieu of taking buses.



4) Schoolgirlcore

Dressing up as a school girl was a popular fashion trend for many of the teen school girls and middle aged perverts of the 2000s. Sadly, this has fallen by the wayside in recent years as many schools have outlawed plaid skirts due to racism.



5) Swimming

Long before the oceans were polluted by industrial nations of the world and reduced to boiling, acidic cauldrons of death, a popular pastime among 2000s teens was swimming. This was before the insurrection of the mutant fish-people.


6) Eye contact

You wouldn’t know it now, but teens in the 2000s were capable of spending more than 5 seconds looking other human beings in the eye before frantically pawing at mobile devices to find out whether or not someone they don’t know and will never meet is validating their existence in some way.


7) Butt cleavage

The human posterior was a popular source of levity during the 2000s, noted for its ability to provoke laughter and mirth via its association with pooping, which was a funny thing we all did in the 2000s.


Avril Lavigne is SO punk rock!

8) Smoking cigarettes

This was long before we had learned about the health benefits associated with smoking.


9) Sitting down

You never see these teens we have now sitting down anymore. Miss that in a way. Really set the tone for the entire decade, sitting down did.


10) Hooters

Hooters was a popular casual restaurant franchise known for its chicken wings and misogyny, both of which have been lost to history.

Avril Lavigne poses after her Abbey Dawn Spring/Summer 2013 collection during New York Fashion Week

11) Skrillex


12) Military service

After the rise of the mutant fish-men teens everywhere were conscripted into the army in order to stave off their relentless, blood-thirsty attacks on coastal cities. We lost 30 million brave teens in that war, which is why there are so few of them left today. We’ll never forget their brave sacrifice. RIP teens. RIP 2000s.