12 Ridiculously Expensive Holiday Gifts for the One Percent

Rich person.

It can be such a chore finding a special holiday gift for that 1%-er who has everything. Diamond bras are old news, and frankly, make for some pretty awkward eye contact when you wear it under a snug turtleneck. As one upwardly mobile reality-TV ex-Countess put it, money can’t buy you class. But this definitive list provides ideas for everyone in your rolodex at a range of prices from “If you have to ask…” to just plain ridiculously expensive. So if you won that $500 million jackpot last week, which I assume you probably did, here’s how to spend it.

Your allergy-sufferering friend will be so thrilled to receive a furry companion from Lifestyle Pets, which claims to have the only genuine, scientifically-proven hypoallergenic cats and dogs in the world. The wallet friendly Allerga model goes for $6,950, but you’ll have more fun terrifying the mailman with the ultra-exotic Ashera, which resembles a mini-leopard, grows up to 25 pounds, and costs close to $26,000. It’s money well spent, because in addition to being hypoallergenic, Lifestyle also promises this cat is smart, affectionate, loyal, and chatty. With a pussy like that, who needs human friends? Each pet comes ready for the high life, with vaccines, a microchip implant, and an airline certified pet transporter for overseas jaunts.


If your buddy prefers his animals dead, gold-plated, and bearing faint religious undertones, this $5,500 lamb skull by Benoit Peleran for Crânatomie is the obvious choice. Available at Bergdorf Goodman, it’s the perfect reminder of what Christmas is all about.


When it comes to backgammon, London-based designer Alexandra Llewellyn doesn’t mess around. The world’s oldest game is best enjoyed on a handmade board, painted with your choice of motifs: choose from feathers, antlers, butterflies, palm trees, or vintage nudes. Antique gold and black weighted aluminum playing pieces are included, but if that’s too plebeian, kick it up a notch with custom-made mother of pearl, jasper, or rock crystal chips. Custom boards are also available, like this one, made with American black walnut and cactus wood (yes, that’s a thing), and turquoise and marble playing pieces. Got a cheater on your naughty list? Rest assured: the rose wood dice cups are lined with inside lips to ensure fair and random rolls of the precision laser-cut dice. Starting at $3,400 at



For $100,000, wannabe politicos can experience the 2013 Presidential Inauguration in style through the Ritz-Carlton’s Access Washington package at the hotelier’s DC location. A deserving millionaire gets the presidential treatment from January 18-22, with first-class airfare, chauffeur service, guided tours, shopping and styling at Saks Fifth Avenue, private dinners, and nightly themed amenities. The package is priced for two, so there’s just one question: Wife or mistress?