10 Ways Bloggers Are Using Drake to Get Traffic


10 Ways Bloggers Are Using Drake to Get Traffic


If you’ve been blessed enough to have an internet connection today, you might have noticed that Drake is everywhere. He dropped an indulgent, R. Kelly-esque video, he appeared on ESPN to talk sports, and his interview on last night’s Chelsea Lately is being passed around like a lukewarm potato. All this clickable Drake detritus is in service of his third album, Nothing Was the Same, out today.

The album, which is getting moony reviews, will be one of the year’s top-sellers. This is not only because Drake is a newly minted superstar with genuine musical bona fides, but also because the internet loves Drake. He’s a walking, rapping meme, with his well-documented love of sweaters, his Canadian teen soap origins, and his being one of the vertices in the Chris Brown-Rihanna-Drake love triangle. For writers and editors whose bottom line is traffic, this means that today, any post about Drake has the potential to go viral, especially if it’s got a unique “angle” or “take.” As you’ll see below, writers reached deep into their bag of clicks tricks to come up with pretty far-out ways of enticing you to read about Drake. Below are some of our favorites.


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