10 Things We Learned from Being Trapped in Chloë Sevigny’s Closet


10 Things We Learned from Being Trapped in Chloë Sevigny’s Closet


In a series of videos, in which Chloë Sevigny promotes her resort collection for Opening Ceremony, we are granted access to the fashion plate’s dizzying archives. Ensconced in her retro East Village home exists a closet so cavernous and chock-filled with treasure, it’s like watching an episode of Hoarders: Haute Couture. In an effort to save you some time, we’ve highlighted the top-10 tidbits gleaned from watching parts one and two:
1. She Doesn’t eBay. A bonafide vintage lover, the ’90s aficionado confesses her incompetence online. “I don’t eBay or do anything online,” she says. “I’m really bad with the computer.”

2. She Loves Halloween. In remembrance of her late father, who also loved the holiday, Sevigny has an affinity for things that go bump in the night.

3. She’s Lazy. She has a custom-made, turquoise Proenza Schouler turtleneck dress. She wore it to last year’s Met Ball and ripped holes in the armpits. She has yet to get it fixed, even though the designers have offered to mend it for her. (This makes me angry. Hence factoid #3.)

4. She Considers a Backless Leather Jumper “Super Comfy.” A direct quote: “This is a little jumpsuit, which matches denim with leather, it’s backless, super sexy, super comfy. It’s like a bib here, keeps you really hidden—yep, that’s probably my favorite piece.”

5. She Gets What She Wants… Be it vintage, swallow-adorned flares or an embroidered Elvis denim jacket, straight off the back of actor Linda Manz.

6. She Can’t Sew. The designer exhibits a pair of bubblegum-pink bunny ears from the 1997 film Gummo, for which she created the costumes. “They’re really poorly constructed,” she admits. “I didn’t really know how to do it.”

7. She Hates L.A. And said hatred resulted in a love affair with S&M regalia. Ipso, facto.

8. Pink Is Her Favorite Color. This isn’t something I inferred.

9. She Walked in a Miu Miu Show. And has a killer picture of her and Kate Moss backstage at the show, which she dubs “hilarious,” a blatant euphemism for “awesome.”

10. She Harbored a Crush on Jason LeeWaaay before his name was Earl.

At Home with Chloë Sevigny: Part 1 from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.

At Home with Chloë Sevigny: Part 2 from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.