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10 Things Girls Should Post More Pictures of On Instagram

Cultural Commentator

10 Things Girls Should Post More Pictures of On Instagram


Every other day some F-list site posts a hilarious list, like, 20 Things You Need to Stop Posting to Instagram or whatever. Here’s one that just showed up in my feed called The 25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting in Social Media. Here’s another called AHAHAHA: 25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting in Social Media. Oh wait, that’s the same one with the order rearranged and different head titles on the same pictures. You get the point though. It’s always the same joke: Girls be posting their hot dog legs and their coffee foam! Hahah, classic stuff. Girls man. What’s up with them?

It’s all a little negative for my taste, however. Instead of coming up with a list of things people should stop posting, why not inspire a little creativity among our friends and contacts? Get the ol’ brain-juices flowing. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of things that people should start posting more on social media. I think we can all agree more of these would make not only the internet a better place, but the world itself.


Giraffes Fighting

Pictures of animals doing cute stuff and thinking they’re people are cliche by now. But gentle, elegant creatures swinging their mile-long necks at each other in fury? Holy shit, that’s good internet right there.


Old-timey prospectors

Remembering the 90s? More like the 1840-90s. If you come across an old-timey prospector on your way to work or out at the bar, take a picture and post it instantly, and I guarantee the likes will flood in. Also, while you’re distracting him with the flash of your black magic box, have your other friend sneak around and steal his gold.


Ghost towns

The only thing people on the internet love more than pictures of ghosts themselves are the pictures of the towns they live in.


Fire ants eating a cowboy boot

Social media 101 right there kids. If you see fire ants eating a cowboy boot, or eating anything really, document that shit. Don’t get too close though.

Charles Grodin


Gonna be a huge year for the Grode-man and his lovable 1992 family-friendly dog comedy Beethoven in particular, we’re calling it now. Get ahead of the curve on this one.


Nice trousers

You thought pictures of blouses were still in? You’re a fucking idiot then pal, because trousers are up next.



Classic Jeff right there.

Gun, Bible, Constitution 



Pretty self explanatory.


Sick volleyball owns


The only spike you’re gonna see around here with a beauty like this is in your number of followers.

Holes in the ground




What’s in that hole? What the fuck is going on with that hole? Jesus Christ, can anyone else feel the presence of something horrible, ancient, and powerful emanating from that hole?

That’s just a taste of some of the comments you’re in store for when you post pictures of holes like this one above. Who’s the most popular gal in class now, bud? You are, that’s who is. Ol’ Hole Tits, they’ll learn to call you. They’ll all learn real, real good.