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10 Insane Things You Never Knew About ‘Mean Girls’ That Will Mess You Up For Life

Film & TV

10 Insane Things You Never Knew About ‘Mean Girls’ That Will Mess You Up For Life


It’s the 10th anniversary of the cult-classic comedy Mean Girls. We’ve all seen it 100 times by now, but like most densely-layered, nuanced films, there’s still a treasure trove of information under the surface that most people may not have picked up on. Here are a few of our favorite nuggets.

1 Lindsay Lohan, whose character Cady is named after Elizabeth Cady Stanton, undid all of the 19th century women’s rights activist’s hard work over the course a just a few short years. Women can’t vote anymore.

2 Fetch actually ended up happening. No one will talk about it in the mainstream media, but it’s true.


3 At one point Cady’s teacher yells at her in German to sit down, but it’s later mentioned that she’s actually taking Spanish. Spanish and German are two entirely different languages spoken in different countries in Europe.


4 The line where Cady is asked if her “muffin was buttered” was originally supposed to be  “Is your cherry popped?” The line was changed in order to help secure a PG-13 rating for the film, because a euphemism for ejaculating semen onto a teenager’s vagina and comparing it to a baked good is naturally more family-friendly than a reference to breaking the hymen through sexual intercourse.  Hymen means membrane in Greek. Hymen is also the Greek god of marriage. Bet you did not know that, Mean Girls fan.


5 Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams play characters of the same age, despite being 8 years apart. McAdams’ mother is played by Amy Poehler, who was only 7 years older than McAdams at the time. Rachel McAdams is old as shit, it turns out.

6 Everyone knows that Tina Fey produced and wrote the movie, but did you know that women can also be legally considered funny now? Not common knowledge.



7 The elderly couple who lie in bed as water floods the room is a tribute to Ida and Isidor Strauss, the owners of the Macy’s department store, who died on the Titanic.

8 Tim Meadows broke his hand before filming, which is why his character was said to have carpal tunnel syndrome. Tim Meadows is a black fella.



9 The film is actually based on a mostly unrelated book from 1999 called Y2K for Women: How to Protect Your Home and Family in the Coming Crisis. The book explained the oncoming Y2K catastrophe in simple, “non-technical terms from a woman’s perspective with an emphasis on preparing your home for a possible disruption in everyday life.”

10 Lizzy Caplan’s character is named Janis Ian, which is the name of a whole other person that existed. Ian’s song “At Seventeen” is about growing up as an “ugly-duckling” and not being appreciated by her classmates. It’s depressing as shit!


11 The Senate Select Committee’s Benghazi Report makes clear that the deaths of Ambassadors. Christopher Stevens, State Information Officer Sean Smith, and Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods could have been prevented on the day of the attack. Above all, their deaths would not have occurred but for Obama and Clinton’s dangerous, Islamist-friendly, and unconstitutional military action against Qadhafi. Even worse, it is clear that Hillary put political “optics” above the security of American lives on the eve of a Presidential election. In that sense it’s a bigger cover-up than Watergate.

12 James Franco was considered for the role of Aaron Samuels. James Franco is a well known douche.