The 10 Creepiest Facebook Reactions to Jennifer Lawrence’s New Haircut


The 10 Creepiest Facebook Reactions to Jennifer Lawrence’s New Haircut


There’s BREAKING NEWS in the world of polarizing celebrity hair cuts. Approximately two hours ago, at noon EST., Jennifer Lawrence’s social media czar uploaded a photo of the actress on a private jet, showing off what appears to be a new, side-swept pixie cut. Lawrence, who’s in the middle of promoting the Hunger Games sequel, is giving a big, goofy “Guess what I diiiiiiid!” smile. But the hairdo is already receiving slanderous comparisons to  Kate Gosselin’s hair *pauses for a moment while reader tries to recall Kate Gosselin.* Plus there’s the issue of Lawrence’s actual FB page, where as of this writing, 1,057 die-hards have already weighed in. We’ve read each comment, and will now share the ten most entertaining (re: scary) ones with you, just after we wipe away the blood currently pouring from our eye sockets.

Tyler Tryon You just joined the long list of attractive celebrities who greatly lowered their attractiveness level because they chopped off part of themselves that was part of what made them attractive

Paula Shtein Her hair!!!!!! ……..she looks like my English teacher lol

Peyman Sorayanezhad oh my GOD !!!!….I allways say she is beautifulest girl that god borned who to the world !!!

Steve Danielninenine Hood These people are hilarious. She looks great. Her hair looks great. Nothing about her is ugly. She’s even hella down to earth. Watch her Oscar acceptance speeches

Christina Reeves That hair cut looks really good in her, but she’s too young for it. I feel like that’s a haircut for a busy trendy mom in her 30s

William Taylor I know you won’t read this but what the heck. always remember who you were or you will lose yourself.

James Chen Jennifer Lawrence, My Godness, your posters’s become my wallpapers, including my ceiling, Jennifer I’m soooooo love u and crazily crush on you, I will see every movie you have play, you are my ………you are my …………Athena!!! In great Jesus name pray to God, I’ll pray for you forever, I hope your career will go on and up , and I still pray for u alwaysk, that’s you deserved it, finally, I hope you can see this sentence, I wish I can know you, I hope i can be your friend, I can wait for u when you out of working and have free time , then just give a simeple greeting, that will our giant leap!!

Stephan JackDagnals Schumann Stay the hell out of Canada! Unless you swing by for drinks and a movie!

Rachel Toenjes That awkward moment when your moment is not awkward and another awkward moment tries to steal 
the moment you thought was awkward, and the moment goes more awkward while you are trying to understand 
how awkward the situation is while reading this. I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence.

Sorin Rock …girl u look awesome …but u need to EAT!!! Im anorexic,malnourished and im still fatter than u and olsen twins put togheter,)