My Week in Martha’s Vineyard With the Obamas

Terrorist threat levels must be high. President Barack Obama was on Martha’s Vineyard yesterday afternoon [...]

Film & TV

Watch the Leaked Teaser for Quentin Tarantino’s New Film ‘The Hateful Eight’

After a lot of will-he-or-won’t-he drama surrounding the leak of his latest script, it’s finally [...]


Please Stop Saying ‘Hipsters Are Like Pornography’

Much like pornography, an overused cliche can be hard to define. But as Supreme Court [...]

Film & TV

Charlie McDowell On His First Film & Growing Up the Son of Famous Parents

Making it in the movie business is a challenge for anyone, even when you’re born into [...]


Benedict Cumberbatch Now Has the Best Ice Bucket Challenge Video

There’s a reason why everyone loves Benedict Cumberbatch. Even though he has all the trappings of [...]


Premiere: Hustle and Drone’s Falsetto Funk ‘Evaporated’

There’s room for both reflection and abandon on “Evaporated”, the second track from Portland trio [...]

Art & Design

This Windowless Plane Seems Like a Terrible Idea

A Paris design company won an award for their IXION Windowless Jet Concept, which would get [...]


Premiere: Rainy Milo’s Swooning, Artistic Gif Video ‘Bout You’

Like many other contemporary teens, Rainy Milo has incorporated the collage style aesthetic of Tumblr [...]


The Huffington Post Wants Readers to Crowdfund Reporter’s Salary, Can Go F Themselves

The Huffington Post is a plucky internet startup owned by AOL, a rinky-dink mom and [...]


Robert Pattinson’s Ice Bucket Challenge Video Is the Last One We’ll Ever Post

I know we said we were never going to post another Ice Bucket Challenge video [...]


Cara Delevingne Has It All, Including a New Movie Role

Cara Delevingne truly has it all. She has a mother named Pandora and father named [...]


OK Last One For Real: Anna Wintour Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We know we said that last one from George W Bush was going to be [...]